Earn Community Service Hours

Make Playdough

Making and dropping off 3 tubs of play dough (3 different colours) earns 1 hour of community service. Visit this link to learn how: https://www.iheartnaptime.net/play-dough-recipe/

Stationery Ice Cream Tub

Collect secondhand stationery and confirm that everything is working in good condition. Check that all markers have caps, and sharpen all pencils and crayons. One ice cream tub = 1 community service hour

Shop for a Family

Donate 2.5kg maize, two tins of meat, 3 tins of baked beans or vegetables, a treat (chocolate, fizzers, etc) and an encouraing note to a family in need. Deliver to our offices to earn 1 community service hour.

Pack a Toiletry Bag

Pack the following items in a nice bag: deodorant, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, soap and a treat.

Each pack earns 1 hour of community service.

Build a Road

Construct a road for toy cars that can be used at one of our partner preschools and earn 3 hours of community service. This project requires minimal construction skills.

Download the instructions here: Make a Toy Car Road

Social Media Influencer

Spend 1 hour researching Africa Food for Thought and creating a post that encourages your friends and family to get involved with one of our campaigns.

(posts must be factually correct and contain a link to our website or Facebook page).

Volunteer Remotely

Virtual Job Shadowing

Virtual Job Shadowing

Our children are often unaware of the many career paths that are open to them.¬†Record a video on your cell phone showing a typical “day in the life” of your job, and explaining what it is that you do. Please share with us how you got into the job in the first place. Edit your video so that it is between 5 and 10 minutes and send it to info@afft.org.za. Click here for examples.

Sew a Mask

Sew a Mask

All of us know that our facemasks are here to stay. But they don’t always last as long as we’d like. Make a mask for an adult or child. Masks for children are our greatest need. Masks with adjustable straps are particularly helpful for the many different sizes of heads that we are looking after! You can use this link, or your own pattern. Once you have a stack, drop them off.

Digital Doctor

Digital Doctor

Collect devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones from your home or your friends and re-set them to their factory settings. The students in our bursary programme, as well as the teachers in our creches, need access to the internet in a world that is more digital than ever. Unlock the key to their future by donating a device, in a condition they can use!

Seasonal Volunteering Opportunities

January & July

Stationery Drive

Donate new or gently used school stationery or help us pack the donations into pencil cases or bundles. We run this drive twice a year to help our students have all they need to thrive at school.



Get involved by donating Easter eggs, colouring Easter stickers, or joining us for a distribution day at one of our community preschools.


Socks, Bras and Underwear

Donate new underwear, and new or very gently used socks and bras for the people in our programme. Run a donation campaign in your social circle, or join us for a day of sorting at the offices.


Winter Warmer

You can knit year-round for this volunteering opportunity. We need beanies, scarves and blankets in all sizes to keep our beneficiaries toasty. We also have a cute poncho pattern available on request. Drop off your knitted or purchased items in June.


Upgrade a Creche

Get your company’s CSI department involved and partner with AFFT to upgrade a creche in our programme. Trusted providers will do the renovations and you can join us to add the finishing touches. This is a fun and very rewarding team building activity.


More than a Jar of Cookies

Bake cookies (6 dozen of your favourites) and deliver them to our offices in November. Join us for a packing day, or buy a bunch of jars for your family and friends this holiday season. Tried and tested recipes available on request.

Monthly Volunteering Opportunities

Team Leaders

Being a team leader is a commitment of one day each month spent delivering food to families in need. Each team leader completes a trial period of 3 months before making a minimum one year commitment and being assigned ‘their own families’. Current trial opportunities are available weekday mornings.

Pack Hygiene Bags

Spend 1 to 2 hours each month helping us pack cleaning products for our families. The products are donated by our partners at Dynachem – we just need your hands to pack them out of their boxes and into individual family bags. Packing is available between the 15th and 19th each month – confirm the dates with the office.

Donation Sorting

Spend 2 to 4 hours each month helping us sort our clothing and homewares donations into packets for each of our families. Skills needed include a good eye for stains, and attention to detail. We want to make sure that our families receive only clothing in good condition, and that the right sizes end up in each family’s box!

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